5 Secret techniques to improve 3D rendering services

Rendering is the new aspect in the architectural arena. 3d rendering is the art of 3D images or animations showcasing the attributes of proposed architectural design. Rendering has taken the place of age old blue print as they can be easily interpreted even by the common man who has no architectural knowledge.
From the estate agents and architects point of view, 3D renderings enable them to epitome their projects in a much clear cut manner. They can show crystal clear picture of their projects to the customers very easily and this will aid them to make necessary changes in the project in tune to the needs and expectations of the clients.

3d architectural rendering (2)
With state of art renderings the estate agents can achieve remarkable success in their career. Following are 5 secret techniques to improve 3D rendering services:

  1. Too many colors: It is advisable to make use of less color in the renderings. Trained and experienced photographers advice the architect to incorporate maximum 3 colors per shot.
  2. Proper use of shadow: Shadow is equally important as the light. There should be proper balance between use of shadow and light. Too many lights in the scene will create problems in viewing the objects. It is therefore vital to use shadow in the scene to make the object look more lively.
  3. Proper use of light: Lighting is an important tool that will enable to communicate the viewer the point of location. One vital tool is Vignetting is important tool that directs the viewer’s eye towards the center of an image. This is done by slightly darkening the edges of photographs.
  4. Usage of nature: Outside scenes require nature. This is one of the biggest areas where many renders fall apart. Adding lots of trees, small bushes etc will make the picture look more lively. Using tree generator which places trees in the areas where one likes to paint them. Consumers get rejuvenating feeling with nature and they are more comfortable with it so it is better to have nature in the scenes.
  5. Avoid wide lens:  Wide lens enables the view of entire scene or building. But incorporating it will cast confusion in the eyes. It does not know where to look. Once you zoom on certain aspect you will be able to focus on small section which will enable a better understanding of object being viewed. The most desired way is to create small focus cameras including an overall shot. Incorporate focal point in the object such as fireplace, art work or custom desk that catches the attention of the viewer instantly.

Renderings are boon to the architectural grandeur. It enables the architects to project their ideas and imagination in the much better perceptive which can be easily understood by the clients.